Vincenzo Angileri

My work involves narrative, design, publishing, art, books, performances, film, ideas. You also might want to know that I keep over 40 tabs of Google Chrome open at the same time. 


I‘m an interdisciplinary creative and narrative researcher interested in speculative and experimental design practices, fictional narratives, imagined communities, political utopias and dystopias. My practice involves narratives of possibility, collaborative experiences, from text to workshops, from editorial design to performance, questioning our notion of a given reality with a satirical, provocative, and critical yet lyrical approach. And, why not, fun.

In the last year, I created my first fictional country and I’m running a MA in Digital Narratives and the creation of political utopias at ELISAVA Design School. I’m working on some new fictional political realities between Spain and Mexico.  

As for real geography, I currently live in Barcelona where I am Editorial Director and Narrative Strategist at Folch, editor for Odiseo and Eldorado, teacher in two MA in ELISAVA, and prime minister of The Plastic Kingdom of the Pacific Ocean, among other things. I entwined my classical studies with an education in graphic and editorial design, communication, visual arts, movie and screenwriting.

You can get my featured projects on request.

Vincenzo Angileri
Marsala (Italy) 1991

2017.     Silver Laus Award. Olga de la Iglesia
2015.     Bronze Laus Award. Here is Always Somewhere Else
2015.     Ei! Awards 2015 (Selected). Here is Always Somewhere Else
200X.    An award for a comic against smoking I did at primary school

2019.     Pocoapoco. Oaxaca, MX

Lectures, Workshops, Stage Appearances, Memorabilia, Et Cetera

2019.     FICTIONAL POLITICS for POLITICS OF FICTION @ Escuela de Arte Sant Elmo. Malaga, Spain
2018.     GIFF Geneve Film Festival @ Geneve, Switzerland
2018.     SitgesNEXT. @ Sitges, Spain
2018.     Fashion Documents. Roundtable about Fashion, Eros and Art. @ Bologna, Italy
2018.     Fruit Exhibition. Performance on Metamorphosis. @ Bologna, Italy
2017.     IDEP. Personal Narrative and Strategy. @ Barcelona, Spain
2017.     IDEP. Liquid Branding. @ Barcelona, Spain
2017.     Bau Design Fest. @ Barcelona, Spain
2017.     Mercé 2017. Live texting for visuals by Mau Morgó for Oso Leone. @ Barcelona, Spain
2017.     Strategies, narratives and design for brands. @ Guatemala.
2017.     Country Branding Workshop. Adherente. @ Guatemala.
2017.     OFFF Festival. Co-curatorship of the performance “GAS”. @ Barcelona, Spain.
2016.     Travel storytelling in the digital era. @ Siurana de Prades, Spain
2015.     Read or Die Publishing Fair. Synergies, innovations and new working methods for independent publishers. @ Barcelona, Spain.
2015.     Showcase. ELISAVA. @ Barcelona, Spain.

2016-2017  Screenwriting. Bande à Part
2013-2014  MA Design and Publishing. ELISAVA, Spain
2012       Visual Arts. ARCA. Portugal
2009-2012  Communication Design. Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Published Writing/Research/Work
2018.     Leaving the Organic World. Dream Magazine
2018.     Rites of Passage. Odiseo
2018.     Fake Monologue. I was the third one. Odiseo
2017.     'Morocco, a land of fragmented images'. Lindsay
2016.     ‘Echoes of Type’ on Circular #19. The Typographic Circle by Pentagram. (The Editors’ Issue: With contributions by Jeremy Leslie, Tony Chambers, John L Walters, Laura Bradley, Steven Heller, Will Hudson, Adrian Shaughnessy)

Workshops and various
2018    Self-Contained. Decentralised Online Publishing. CCCB
2016    Stories by chance. Mònica Bedmar
2016    Ephemeral Arts Connection. Parametric Fields & Digital Fabrication. IaaC/FabLab
2014    Exhibition Catalogue Design. Omar Sosa (Apartamento)
2014    A story with no words. Serge Rompza (Node Design)
2014    Digital editorial projects. Bisgràfic
2014    100 Book Covers. Bendita Gloria
2013    Workshop with Lo Siento
2013    Socratic Design Method. Philosopher Humberto Schwab
2013    Ephemeral Arts Connection: Norway. Stardust*

Selected interviews and hosting
Carlo Ratti (MIT Senseable Cities Lab), ROSALÍA,
Georgia Taglietti (Sónar) Irvine Welsh, Omar Sosa (Apartamento) Eugeni Quitllet, (Maison & Objet Paris), Natasha Grand, Daniel Coutinho (NOWNESS), Will Hudson (It’s Nice That) Hector Ayuso (OFFF Festival), Toni Arola (Artist & Designer), George Ritzer (Sociologist), Vincent Stanley (Director of Philosophy Patagonia Inc.), etc.

Some press
La Repubblica (ITA)
It’s Nice That (UK)
Stack (UK)
MagCulture (UK)
La Vanguardia (ESP)
Rivista Studio (ITA)
Amuse (UK)
Gráffica (ESP)

The Plastic Kingdom of the Pacific Ocean

A fictional and evil micro-nation born on the island of plastic trash floating in the Pacific.

The Plastic Kingdom of the Pacific Ocean is a new-born country founded by people who fled our civilization and settled to live on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Rejected by society, they decided to leave the landmass in order to sail and conquer the seventh continent, an island mainly formed of plastic trash. The Country fights for its right to pollute and continue contaminating the ocean.

You know there’s an island of plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, right?
Well, now imagine a bunch of people moving there and found their own country.

The King's Speech

In his first address to the world, His Plastic Majesty King A-lex delivers a strong and emotional speech, announcing the global community the creation of “a Plastic Kingdom for all”.

The Arrival of The Queen
Loom Festival 2018

The Queen of the Plastic Kingdom announces her first visit ever on a landmass. The installation recreate the island of plastic garbage and the throne of the Queen of the floating sovereign state. During the performance people would knee in front of the Queen, and accept an homage.

The March of the Plastic Rebels
Barcelona Design Week 2018

A group of rebels from The Plastic Kingdom marches on Barcelona against the ‘revalue’ campaign and the world’s new rise of environmentalism. The protest claims the right to keep polluting and keep contaminating the Oceans.

A whole fictional universe was created, from the national passport to the official website of the micronation, a campaign against Greenpeace, the traditional plastic clothing of the Country, etc. Through such dystopian narrative, and by embodying evil, the project aimed to raise awareness on the toxic industrial system that is destroying our environment and our oceans.

Ok, but why?
In our era of superficiality, emotion, and fake news, narratives can help imagine, give clues and shape people’s perspective. Our narrative suggest a parallel world, a mythology. And mythologies find their way into people’s subconscious mind, into our imagination, into our universal capacity to hear and make sense of stories. Which it is what makes us human. This is why we ask the audience to accept the fictional premise in order to learn and reflect on crucial themes of our contemporary times. Among others, these:

1.  The toxic industrial system that is destroying our environment and our oceans.
2. The weak and unprepared response of our Countries to the era of great migrations: our policies of closeness and rejection of human beings whose lives are threatened.
3.  The rise of ignorance and nationalisms that is seen across many Western Countries.

Vincenzo Angileri. Creative Direction
Vincenzo Angileri and Olga de la Iglesia.

Chapter I. The King’s Speech
Joe Fletcher. The King
Bernat Mestres. Film and production
Olga de la Iglesia. Art Direction
Stephania Yepes. Stylism

Chapter II. The Queen’s Throne
Cristina Román. The Queen
Pablo Marfá. The Servant
Marta Armengol. Set Design
Stephania Yepes. Stylism
Natalia Ramas. Art Assistant
Valerie Steenhaut. Art Assistant
Bernat Mestres. Film and production
Celine Hasenstab. Still Pictures
Chapter III. The Plastic March
Stephania Yepes. Stylism and Art Direction
Marta Armengol. Art Assistant
Marc Medina. Photography and Film
Hanna Tervonen. Dancer.

David Peñuela. Website
Special thanks to Sergi, Silvia, Edo, Romy, Ola, David, Ale, Pablo, Nicole, Gastón, Carlos, and all those who got involved so far.


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