Rebranding and webdesign
with Folch

After analysing Mesura’s communication we realised that, like many other architectural companies, the brand’s voice and messages were not aligned with the goals they aimed to achieve. We needed to step out of the sober, yet the quite distant approach they were using, in order to embrace a more contemporary, solvent, simple and sophisticated mood.

If every project has a story. By highlighting the people and the insights behind each project, we created an storytelling which conceived every project as a microsite with an editorial treatment. This involved identifying the ideal approaches to be highlighted depending on strategic interests with the goal of enlarging the lifespan of each project, allowing Mesura to reinforce its positioning in new territories through contents that explore relevant strategic fields.

By turning projects into stories, we stepped out of the portfolio mood and set up the beginning of a new content-centred way of communicating.

The website’s redesign aims to improve the brand’s storytelling by highlighting the most relevant and interesting content in each field and by breaking up with the archaic idea that websites are simple brands’ portfolios. Rethinking the site’s hierarchy through a conscious establishment of categories and subcategories translated into a better user experience. An improvement reinforced by a new content display and copywriting, which played an essential role in making the content more appealing.



Rebranding and webdesign, 2019

Developed as a project partner with Folch Studio