Here Is Always Somewhere Else (or A Book About Somebody Waiting For Something)

Bronze Laus Award ADG-FAD 2015
Selected for Ei! Awards 2015

Here Is Always Somewhere Else is a concept book about waiting and its meanings. It is an atypical novel that tells, visually and textually, a story of someone who waits. The time spent while waiting is a suspended time; neither past nor future, nor present. Between hope and resignation, boredom and desire, waiting is almost universally denigrated and those who wait are struggling in an exemplary existential condition: having time without wanting it.

The book has eleven chapters and its narration harmonically evolves in an atypical novel that tells the story of Andrea, who lives and loves in a vague and undefined Sicily.

The book tries to be familiar and disturbing, and wants to involve the reader in different levels of perception in different ways: text and image, as well as the blanks, the gaps and the insert, form a narrative tool instead of giving just shape to the content. With its pretty traditional but slightly surreal design, the book itself seeks interaction with the reader, aiming to be both familiar and disquieting.

The art direction in photography aims to reproduce time as duration, playing with the perception of past and future as well as with the surreality, the tragic irony, the eternal mistery of waiting. Every single picture of the book is shot in Sicily by non-professional photographers. Expressionism painting was chosen for narrating the chapters about “Sex” and “Death”.

Book details
Pages: 272
Format: 16 x 24 cm
Binding: Soft cover

Cover: Arjowiggins Curious Matter Goya White 270 gr.
Flyleaf: Arjowiggins Curious Matter Goya White 135 gr.
Inside: Arctic Paper Munken Print White 20 80 gr
Insights: Uncoated pink paper 80 gr.
Insert: Coated mechanical paper 80 gr.

Final work for Master in Graphic Design
Postgrado de Proyectos Editoriales of ELISAVA
Printed in Barcelona in Summer 2014